The "Wandoff" is a popular segment of the RHAP Survivor podcast "The Wiggle Room." In it, Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler review listener-submitted parody songs in order to select finalists for the "Final Wandoff" at the end of the season. The name derives from Survivor contestant Wanda Shirk, who was eliminated in the first episode of Survivor: Palau, after singing made up songs about the show.


The "Wandoff" began during coverage of Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers. Wigler had previously used "The Wiggle Room" to highlight exclusive parody songs based on Survivor, often using a comedic imitation of Wanda Shirk's voice. Now, the baton turned to the listeners, as they were now given the opportunity to write, record, and send in their own songs. During every Wiggle Room podcast, the two review a selection of that week's submissions. Then, once the podcast is released, the listeners go to a poll to vote for their favorite song of the week. The artists who get voted through get to compete in the "Final Wandoff" after the season, where they submit one final song for review. At the end of another popular vote, a winner is declared. Starting with Survivor: Ghost Island, the winner received a prize in a much sought-after "Wigler's Wombats" hat.

Though Rob has consistently vocalized the polarization of the "Wandoff," it has received vocal praise from several Survivor alumni, including Ben Driebergen, Joe Mena, and Kellyn Bechtold.

Additionally, avid Rob Has a Podcast listener and patron Jason Curtis Rivera has been making terrific accompanying videos for all the Wandoff submissions on the Rob Has a Music Video Department YouTube channel.

Heroes v. Healers v. HustlersEdit

Episode 2Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Eliza (Not Orlins) Simone N/A [Original Song] 39% (Winner)
Justin from Atlanta Look Where You Made Me Poo Look What You Made Me Do [Taylor Swift] 35%
Jason Curtis Rivera Poop Gal Who Am I (What's My Name) [Snoop Dogg] 8%
Shut Up Tim (Aqua) Dump Lump [The Presidents of the United States of America]

Episode 3Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Shannon Gaitz & Will from America A Cole New World 42% (Winner)
Jason Curtis Rivera Octopus or Rock
Luke Centerfield
Jason Centerfield
Joe K (Wanda’s Sister Rhonda) The Sun King
Dan C Patricky
Dan C Idol in Your Pants
Alex G Ali's Betrayal
Jenny & Colin I Just Want to Love Patrick

Episode 4Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Sarah B Swap it Like it's Hot Drop It Like It's Hot [Snoop Dogg]
JD & Leah Swap - Original Submission Stop [Spice Girls]
Dan S Don't You Call Me Tony 14.03%
Shut Up Tim Read Her Face
Eric H Shame on a Playa (Woo Huang Clan) 30.15% (Winner)
Felipe Eye to Eye
Alyssa from Minnesota Careless Survivor
RacerRob Don't Trust A Cole
Luke from Niagara Jessie's Block
Alton Cole Digger Gold Digger [Kanye West]
Kyra S Survivor Alan Balls
Dave from Seattle My Hero, Alan Ball
Matt C Wrecking Alan Ball Wrecking Ball [Miley Cyrus]
Justin from Atlanta Sunday Burquest Night Alan Foot Ball
Emma Advantage - Hamilton Fans
Jason Free Ballin' - Tribute to Tom Petty
Josh Alan Ball Town 2
Jenny & Colin Alan Ball So Hard 20.45%

Episode 5Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Leah & JD The Swap Really Screwed Roark on Day 9 New York State of Mind [Billy Joel]
Jenny & Colin Let Me Roark It Work It [Missy Elliott] 56.11% (Winner)
Sean Hear Me Roark Roar [Katy Perry] 11.97%
Jason Team Roark (Empire State) Empire State of Mind [Jay Z ft Alicia Keys]
Shannon Vote with Me Ali Baby One More Time [Britney Spears] 20.95%

Episode 6Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Alex G Ali, I’m Good 26.19%
JD & Leah Bye to Ali Fancy [Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX]
Homeless Tyson Princess Ali Prince Ali [from Aladdin] 15.34%
Andrew Nelson Ride with Joe
Jenny & Colin Without Ali Without Me [Eminem] 33.6% (Winner)

Episode 7Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Alex Gardner I Vote Virgins Not Parole Officers 44.11% (Winner)
Isabelle I Kissed a Cole and I Liked it 14.83%
Jason Outback's Back 41.06%

Episode 8Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Sams from Toronto You're a Keen One, Ryan Ulrich 31%
Shannon Weasel with an Idol 14.9%
Hilsabeck Actuary
Jenny & Colin Desi’s Back
Alex G Herstler Crew Shape of You [Ed Sheeran] 39.1% (Winner)

Episode 9Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Adam B Cole Squatted Pose Kiss From a Rose [Seal] 26.83% (Winner)
JD & Leah Pagong Song Thong Song [Sisqo]
Jason Lee Why'd Mike Vote That Way 26.02%
Will from America Coleing for Soup
Alex G Can't Vote Us

Episodes 10 & 11Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Eddie J Rimmegulators
DJ Labelle Klein Strong Her 32.14% (Winner)
Rebecca I Wanna Work with a Woman
Fresh Prince Fresh Prince of Nobody Cared 19.42%
Brody & Holly Hilsabeck 27.01%

Episode 12Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Alex G I Came in Like a Black Marble (Family Visit) 14.8%
JD & Leah Lauren (Torn) 9.8%
Jenny & Colin Rimix to Lauren Ignition Remix [R. Kelly]
Adam B Survivor Winner Lauren Rimmer
Becky & Taylor Goodbye Lauren Rimmer 55.1% (Winner)

Episode 13Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
DJ Labelle Klein One Week One Week [Barenaked Ladies] 40.71% (Winner)
Gregory McBean Ashley's Not Gonna Vote Devon To Win
Andrew B Ben Dropped A Bomb on Me You Dropped a Bomb on Me [The Gap Band] 18.33%
Shannon Gaitz Hug You Fuck You [CeeLo Green]
Bob from Columbus Hey, Devon Pinto! (Say It Ain’t So) Say It Ain't So [Weezer] 24.76%

The Final WandoffEdit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Shannon & Will RHAP Disney Medley 16.11%
Eric H Wu Trang Clan
Becky & Taylor You May Be Right
Adam B Hallelujah 23.95%
DJ Labelle Klein RHAP Can Can 42.5% (Winner)
Jenny & Colin Bohemian RHAPsody

Ghost IslandEdit

Episodes 1 & 2Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Alex G Talk about Jacob
Ali & Gus The Greatest Tribe 20.79%
Leah & JD Thoughts about the Premiere 26.97% (Winner)
Corey B Ghost Island Game
Aaron Robertson & Jordan Kalish Show Tune 22.66%

Episode 3Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Patricia The Beach is Bad (The Bitch is Back)
Ali & Gus Don't Trust the Blonde (Don't Trust Me)
Becky & Taylor Can't Trust the Blonde Girls (Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore) 10.67%
Aaron Robertson, Jordan Kalish & Aimee Howard Ricke Situation (Sticky Situation) 13.94%
DJ Labelle Klein Say Something 66.78% (Winner)

Episode 4Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Shannon Gaitz & Will from America Teenage Yerger 23.82%
Corey B Whiny 27.02% (Winner)
JD & Leah Kellyn Held on to Her Vote
Becky & Taylor #Malololow
Aaron Robertson, Aimee Howard, & Jordan Kalish Brendan Shapiro/Get Malo-low 19.85%

Episode 5Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Bob from Columbus Chris Noble Baby Cowboy [Kid Rock]
Phil T Dude Chris 29.05% (Winner)
DJ Burquest Takahashi We Will Never See Noble 19.51%
Corey B Don't Vote Me Out 19.73%
Aaron Robertson & Nick Fishman Crying Time

Episode 6Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Phil T Ask Malolo - A Diss Track 35.73% (Winner)
Justin from Washington Heights The Colors of James Lim
Will & Shannon Yanuya Matata 25.41%
JD & Leah Week 5 MegaMix
Jenny & Colin Bradley's Missing You 23.39%

Episode 7Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Bob from Columbus Mr. Blindside Mr. Brightside [The Killers] 46.9% (Winner)
The Nick That Sucks Effing Stick
JessEast Dickhead Addicted [Simple Plan] 12.7%
Corey B Idol, Inc. Feel Good Inc. [Gorillaz] 27.2%
Alex G Michael Yerger Just Found an Effing Stick

Episode 8Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Graham from the Bay The Noble 1 26.24%
Alex G Noble Shock
JD & Leah Barbershop Ponderosa [The Noble One] 24.52%
Nicholas R Chris Gon' Give It To Ya
Bob from Columbus (ft. Maio Jar) Noble's Entourage Sabotage [Beastie Boys] 33.91% (Winner)

Episode 9Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Corey B This Grub No Scrubs [TLC] 9.3%
Adam from Australia Seb Shot Too High Because I Got High [Afroman] 26.64%
Aaron Robertson Michael Bomb
Jenny & Colin Yergerlicious Fergalicious [Fergie] 49.13% (Winner)
Phil T & JessEast Put it in My Mouth Put it in Your Mouth [Akinyele]

Episode 10 Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Bob from Columbus Desi Got Whacked Baby Got Back [Sir Mix-a-Lot]
Corey B & Chelley Sayin' A Lie Stayin' Alive [Bee Gees]
Gregory McBean Desi Lullaby Whiskey Lullaby [Brad Paisley ft Alison Krauss]
Dental Dave Where's My Wombat Hat Numb [Linkin Park]
Eric H It Wasn't Me It Wasn't Me [Shaggy] (Winner)

Episode 11 Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Justin From Washington Heights Survivor's Gotten Too Complicated Complicated [Avril Lavigne]
The Nick That Sucks Just Vote For Sea Bass Under The Sea [from The Little Mermaid]
Tyler Jacob Jones Hero Edit Hero [Mariah Carey] (Winner)
Michael & Kimberly Got No Air Time Time After Time [Cindy Lauper]
Corey B & Chelley Jenna, Honey, I'm Good. Honey, I'm Good. [Andy Grammer]

Episode 12 Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
Stacy From Maryland Look At Me Purple Chelsea Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee [from Grease]
The Nick That Sucks Do You Want to Vote For Wendell? Do You Want to Build a Snowman [from Frozen]
Tyler Jacob Jones Aunt Patty is Hunting You Down It's All Coming Back to Me Now [Celine Dion] 19%
Graham from the Bay PURPLE. HUMBLE. [Kendrick Lamar] 11.75%
Alex G Crank That Aunt Patty Crank That [Soulja Boy] 48.88% (Winner)
JD & Leah Chelsea Sax Man [The Lonely Island ft Jack Black]

Episode 13: The Final Wandoff Edit

Artist Title Original Song [Original Artist] Result
JD & Leah A Day in The Wand-Off A Day in the Life [The Beatles]
DJ Labelle Klein Bizarro Wand-Off Shut Up and Dance [Walk the Moon]

It's Still Rock and Roll To Me [Billy Joel]

Oh Canada [Calixa Lavallée & Adolphe-Basile Routhier & Robert Stanley Weir]

Party All the Time [Eddie Murphy]

O.P.P. [Naughty by Nature]

Love is a Battlefield [Pat Benatar]

Corey B Pirate Named Sea Bass Jack Sparrow [The Lonely Island ft Michael Bolton]
Phil T Wandakaze Clapback [Ja-Rule]

This is America [Childish Gambino] (Then thought better of it)

Panda [Desiigner]

Bob from Columbus It's the End of the Show for the Summer It's the End of the World [R.E.M.]
Jenny & Colin Wen & Dom Dead and Gone [T.I. ft Justin Timberlake]
Eric H Fiji Friday Freaky Friday [Lil Dicky ft Chris Brown]
Tyler Jacob Jones Laurel vs The Superfans Belle [from Beauty and the Beast] 33.16% (Winner)
Alex G ft Brice Izyah Issa Ghost Heathens [twenty one pilots]

David vs. Goliath Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Jake from Salt Lake Pat Song Fight Song Rachel Platten Rachel Foulger Platten
Jeremy B Fell on a Boat I'm on a Boat The Lonely Island Lonely Earl Island 18.2%


Michael J Clark Ah My Back You'll be Back from Hamilton Darnell Hamilton
Graham from the Bay Fat Cop (The Story of a Man) Absolutely Nine Days Thirty-Nine Days
Alex G Season For You Someone Like You Adele A-del Campo 16.83%


Corey B Pat's Tweaked Back Everybody Backstreet Boys Bad Back Street Boys 45.4%


Honorable Mentions for Episode 1

MC Nickle - Fiji Rain (Chocolate Rain)
Kate From New Jersey - Survivor's Tough (Naughty)
Justin From Atlanta - Don't Break My Back Before You Boat Boat (Wake Me Up)
Mike Christiansen - Ravages (Savages)
Aaron Robertson & Jordan Kalish - The Big Bang Theory
Adam B & Ciarra - Dan and Kara (Growing Pains Theme)
Stacy from Maryland - Survivor Oddity (Space Oddity)
Justin From Washington Heights - The Idol Is In My Pants (You're Body Is A Wonderland)

Episode 2 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Nicholas P and Rielle B Play with Me Shallow from A Star is Born Neat Lady Gaga & Bradley Kleihege Cooper aka Bradley the Chicken Has Flown the Cooper
Adam B Natalie's So High She's So High Tal Bachman Tal Fishbachman 18.5%


Alex G Mike White, Mike White Tonight, Tonight Hot Chelle Rae Cute Not Hot Chelle Rae 18.3%


Aaron Robertson Cyclone Psycho Post Malone Post-Merge Malone
Jenny & Colin Talk Nerdy to Me Talk Dirty Jason Derulo Kyle Jason Derulo 42.8% Winner
Honorable Mentions for Episode 2

Jillian from Tucson - Christian (Don't You Want Me)
Amanda - Vote the Strongest Tribe (For the Longest Time)
Lyndall from Australia - Boudreaux (Hello)
Aaron Robertson & Jordan Kalish - The Goliath Sisters (The Schuyler Sisters)
The Nick That Sucks - Hello Casey Josh And Wanda (Hello Muddah Hello Fuddah)
Scott From Detroit - Only 3 Days More (That's What Friends Are For)
Dental Dave - Booger Teeth Debility (Bittersweet Symphony)

Episode 3 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Phil T Slamtown Downtown Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Macklemore & Skinny Ryan Lewis 24.94%


Becky & Taylor Welcome to Slamtown Fast Car Tracy Chapman Tracy Hughes-Wolf Chapman
Graham from the Bay It's Jeremy It's Gonna Be Me *NSYNC Four with Nine Equals Out But Five with Nine Equals *NSYNC 21.14%


Karen from Canada Boogers on Your Tooth Look What You Made Me Do Taylor Swift Taylor Lee Stocker Swift or Tay Trang 35.29%


DJ Labelle Klein Welcome to Slamtown Remix Ebony & Ivory

Welcome to Slamtown

Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney

Johnny Mundo

John Chicken Morrison, Damn!
Honorable Mentions for Episode 3

Scott From Detroit - Knee Could Send Bi Packing (Don't Worry Be Happy)
Aaron Robertson & Nick Fishman - Blame Gabby (Blame Canada)
Justin From Washington Heights - John Is A Champion (We Are The Champions)
Scott C - Slamtown (Downtown)
Justin From Washington Heights - The Mayor Of Slamtown (Boys Are Back In Town)
Jason Lee - Iconic (Ironic)
Michael J Clark - I Wanna Chat With Somebody (I Wanna Dance with Somebody)

Episode 4 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Dave from Ohio Living Here in Slamtown Allentown Billy Joel Billy Garcia Joel Klug
DJ LaBelle Klein & Bob from Columbus Bi & Julie McGee Me & Bobby McGee Janis Joplin Janis Joplynne Spillman 20.16% 3rd
JessEast & WillA Vote Out Natalia Hey There Delilah Plain White T's Plain White Mike T's 20.98% 2nd
Graham from the Bay Comptrolla Controlla Drake Ryan Draiken
JD & Leah Bring the Charmpocalypse Semi-Charmed Life Third Eye Blind Third Eye Blindfold Challenges Are Dangerous, Arbitrary, and Reductive 45.78% Winner
Honorable Mentions for Episode 4

Tyler & Meghan - Charmpocalypse (Smooth Criminal)
Sheldon from LA - Alliance Names (That's Not My Name)
Karen from Canada - Trot Like Me (Don't Cha)
Michael J Clark - Fall of Natalia (All or Nothing)
Tyler Jacob Jones - Trage-Bi (Tragedy)
Adi - Bi Bi Bi (Bye Bye Bye)

Rob's 40th Birthday Wandoff Spectacular

Lady Wawa - Wandarazzi
JD & Leah - Say You'll Be There
Aaron Robertson & Jordan Kalish - Hello
Corey B - Get Out the Front Door
Corey B - This Is a Song for Your Birthday
DJ LaBelle Klein - Cesternino
Phil T - Dude, Rob
Jenny & Colin - Robbie's Got Back
Lyndall from Australia - Mr. Robert C
Bob from Columbus - Old As Dirt
Shannon Gaitz & Will from America - Heyo, Robbio
Alex G - Humane
Shut Up Tim - Survivor Know-It-Alls Theme Song

Episode 5 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Matt from Waterloo Jabeni Jump On It Sir Mix-a-Lot San Juan Del Sir Mix-a-Lot 13.3% 3rd
Becky & Taylor My Jacket Milkshake / Tightie Whities Kelis / Lisi Linares Kelis Gleason a.k.a. This Week in Survivor History with Jordan Kelis 13.3% 3rd
Grandon Family Warm Blue Jacket Short Skirt, Long Jacket Cake Kara Cake
JessEast & Will A Natalie Valerie / Rehab Amy Winehouse Amy O'Hara Winehouse
Graham from the Bay I'm Keepin' This Jacket Ms. Jackson OutKast OutKast Twist 29.67%


Karen from Canada Rockstar Catz Waltz Blue Danube Waltz Johann Strauss II Richard Hatch Strauss 33.5%


Honorable Mentions for Episode 5

Scott from Detroit - Coat Luster (Ghostbusters)
Bob from Columbus - Mr. Brochacho (Mr. Roboto)
Ryan Huston - Squirrel Huntin' with a Slingshot (Hit Me With Your Best Shot)
The Nick That Sucks - New Tribe Names (Rehab)
Dave from Ohio - She's Got Eggs And She Wants Lyrsa's Jacket (Legs)
Sarah & Lyndall from Australia - I Want Your Jacket (I Want Back)
Will from America & Mary Kwiatkowski - Davie It's Cold Outside (Baby It's Cold Outside)
Nick Fishman & Aaron Robertson - You've Got A Jacket For Me (You've Got A Friend In Me)
Emma - Please, Please, Natalie (Call Me Maybe)
Tyler Jacob Jones - Ode To A Jacket (How Do I Live Without You)

Episode 6 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Becky & Taylor Excuse Me Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones Ramona Grays
Tyler Jacob Jones Gabby's Lament, He's a Bro Let It Go Idina Menzel Ideena Bennett Menzel 34.25%


Sammy & The ShowerMan ft. Corey B Fish with the HAS Dick in a Box The Lonely Island Brenda Loly Island 20.69%


Nick Fishman & Aaron Robertson Physic Airplanes B.O.B. ft Rivers Cuomo B.O.B.B. Andersen
DJ LaBelle Klein Ponderosa Entrance of the Gladiators Julius Fučík United States Marine Takahashi Band 21.15%


Honorable Mentions for Episode 6

Lyndall from Australia - Song For Bradley (I Need You)
Dee & Doug - Lift It (Whip It)
Eric H - Over At Ponderosa (Just A Friend)
Michael J Clark - Ang or Lyr (Chandelier)
Lyndal From Tasmania - I Can’t Get No Sleep (Can't Feel My Face)
JessEast & Will A - Sore (Torn)
Becky & Taylor w/ Aaron Robertson - Brochacho (Desperado)
Alex G & Emma R - You're Such A Brochacho (I Love It)
Phil T - Jackets Like Us (Swagger Like Us)
Aaron Robertson - My Tribe Will Go On (My Heart Will Go On)

Episode 7 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Bob from Columbus The Dan The Man The Killers The Killyrsa Torres
Scott Chupack & Aaron Robertson The Combinatorics Song I'm My Own Grandpa Lonzo and Oscar [N/A] 17.53%


Matt from Waterloo Cry Try Pink Pink Underwear (that Phillip wore) 18.63%


The Nick That Sucks Davie's Lament The Diva's Lament Monty Python's Spamalot [N/A]
Alex G Elizabeth's Feud Symphony Für Elise Ludwig van Beethoven Ludwig von Ertfelda Beethoven 46.85%


Honorable Mentions for Episode 7

Phil from Canada - Pineapple Boy 27 (PPAP)
Matt from Waterloo - Babe
JessEast & WillA - You're Too Loud Babe (I Got You Babe)
Rhea from Canada - Dan Town (Swingtown)
Lyndall from Australia - Kara Kay (Runaway)
Jill Robinson - 525,600 Calories (Seasons of Love)
Sammy & The ShowerMan - Crying Queen (Killer Queen)
Sarah from Australia - Pandering To Liz (Candle In The Wind)
Laura & Noa - Take You Out (Take a Bow)
Michael J Clark - Save The Nerd, Vote The Cowboy (Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy)
Michael & Kimberly - E-Lizard-Beth (O Danny Boy)
Alex G, JessEast, Corey B, Bob from Columbus, Karen from Canada & Tyler Jacob Jones - Strike Force (The Brady Bunch)

Episode 8 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Shannon & Justine Hubicki Mickie Toni Basil Toni Basylvia Kwan
PineappleBoy27 ft. Phil from Canada Rickenback City Rack City Tyga Taiga Trang 24.7%


Corey B Twirl It Tonight Perfect Ed Sheeran Big Ted Sheeran
Matt P from Waterloo Davie Baby Justin Bieber Justin "Jay" Starrett Bieber 18.82%


Tyler Jacob Jones Tell Him Tell Him The Exciters The Excitearls
Karen from Canada & Sing It Jim 1234 Brochachos 1234 Feist Merge Feist 23.89%


Honorable Mentions for Episode 8

Matt P from Waterloo - Rockstars (Memory)
Aaron Robertson & Nick Fishman - Kung Fu Fighting (Kung Fu Fighting)
Jason Lee - The Davie Show (Against All Odds)
Sammy & the Shower Man - Nick And Davie Did It (Getting Jiggy Wit It)
Michael J Clark & Corey B - Town Comptroller to Mayor John (Space Oddity)
Ryan Hutson - The Slam Town Mayor (Fresh Prince)
Audrey S from Dallas - Dan, Dan? (Say My Name)
The Nick That Sucks w/ Becky & Taylor - Wannabe My Ally (Wannabe)
Uncle Phil - Angelina (Macarena)

Episode 9 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Matt from Waterloo Nullified by Carl the Trucker Starships Nicki Minaj Nicki Wilson Minaj
JessEast & Will A Bing Bing Bang Bang Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Jessie "Jay" Starrett, Ariana Granday 39 and Nicki Wilson Minaj 11.29%


Bob from Columbus I Will Divide I Will Survive Cake Kara Cake
Shut Up Phil Screwed Me Carl Beautiful Girls Sean Kingston Dr. Sean Kingston 14.26%


DJ LaBelle Klein David vs. Goliath Dance Mix In the Navy / Y.M.C.A. / Macho Man Village People Village People Strategy Blog 53.27%


Honorable Mentions for Episode 9

Abe from LA - Bula Burger Bar (Ms New Booty)
Graham from The Bay - Farewell, Mr. Rengering (Piano Man)
Michael J Clark - Dan Your Idol Is Worthless (Man I Feel Like A Woman)
Rafi from Australia - My Favourite Bings (My Favorite Things)
Luke and Ali from Australia - Carl Goes Bing (Hotline Bling)
Trevor from Tacoma - Advantage Like That (Ass Like That)
Audrey S from Dallas - Mr Steal You Vote (Mr Steal Your Girl)
Dee & Doug - The Idol Sleeps Tonight (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)

Episodes 10 & 11 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Bob from Columbus Stand Stand R.E.M. R.E.M.I.N.G.T.O.N. 22.09% 2nd *
DJ LaBelle-Klein Don't @ Me Now Don't Stop Me Now Queen Queen, led by Freddy MercuReed Kelly 17.95%


Corey B I Got Plans And I'm Wasted Friends in Low Places Garth Brooks Ed-Garth-o Brooks 32.54%


Jenny & Colin Get Carl A Beer Hot In Herre Nelly Nelly Wiglesworth
Alex G Christian's Next thank U, Next Ariana Grande Ariana Gran-Day 39

* Bob from Columbus earned an exemption into the Final Wandoff after finishing second in the double episode week.

Honorable Mentions for Episodes 10 & 11

Sammy ft Wigler - Best Season Ever Don't At Me (Most Wonderful Time Of The Year)
Jason Lee - Carl Got Screwed Over by Production (Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer)
Becky & Taylor - Carl is So Drunk (Give Up the Funk)
Sheldon from LA - Bad Touch
Rob from Boston - Christian Has So Much to Say (So Much to Say)
Michael J Clark - I Guess That Is Why Carl Loves Booze (I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues)
Phil T.I.M. - No Seat at the Reunion (No Sleep Til Brooklyn)
Pooya & Liana - Alec, I Don't Want You Back (F It, I Dont Want You Back)

Episode 12 Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
Matt from Waterloo Hubicki Man It's Tricky / Oops I Did It Again Run-D.M.C. / Britney Spears Run-D.M.G.C. and Knock Knock Bee's Knees Spears 31.94%


Becky & Taylor Don't Go Voting Me Out Don't Go Breaking My Heart Elton John and Kiki Dee Elton John Kirhoffer 19.62%


Graham from the Bay Careless Flipper Careless Whisper George Michael Taj George Michael Yerger 26.72%


Phil T Emily A Milli Lil Wayne Lill Morris Wayne
JessEast & Will A RHAPpy Christianmas A Special Medley of Holiday Tunes All of the Elves in Saint Nick Wilson's Workshop
Honorable Mentions for Episode 12

Lyndall from Australia - I've Never Been to Fiji (I've Never Been to Me)
Teagan Ladner - Davie the Explorer (Dora the Explorer)
The Nick That Sucks - Pawned Off Forever (Paradise By the Dashboard Light)
Jason Lee - The 37th Season Song (The 57th Street Bridge Song)
Adam B - Hubicki (Before He Cheats)
Audrey S from Dallas - Toxic Timing (Toxic)
Michael J Clark - You Raised Me Well (You Raise Me Up)
Jeremy B - Get Even (Breakeven)
The Damn Buenos (Karen from Canada, Lyndall from Australia, Sing It Jim from America) - Every Joshy Wants to Be a Cat (Everybody Wants to Be a Cat)

Episode 13: The Final Wandoff Edit

Wandoffer Wandoff Song Artist Casey Kaspun Result
JD & Leah Wanda Shirkey Albuquerque "Weird Al" Yankovic "Weird Albert" Destrade Yankovic
Karen from Canada White, Michael Bicycle Race Queen The Queen Stays Queen
Tyler Jacob Jones It Was Me This Is Me The Greatest Showman The Greatest Showmance 19.29% 2nd
Alex G The G Stands for Goliath Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros. Theme) Koji Kondo Super Idol Mario Bros. (Super Mari Takahashi Bros.)
Phil T ft. PineappleBoy27 Final Wandoff Sicko Mode Travis Scott ft. Drake Travis Scot Pollard ft. Drake Tribe 16.06% 3rd
DJ LaBelle-Klein One Day More One Day More Les Misérables Les MiséRobb Zbacnik
Bob from Columbus Enough with the Friggin' Cats Little Green Bag / I Gotcha / Stuck in the Middle with You / Coconut / Hooked on a Feeling The George Baker Selection / Joe Tex / Stealers Wheel / Harry Nilsson / Blue Swede Reservoir Bob Dawgs
Corey B Final 6 Medley I'm the One / Carry on Wayward Son / Attention / Larger than Life / Baby I Love Your Way / Believer / It's the Hard-Knock Life DJ Khaled / Kansas / Charlie Puth / Backstreet Boys / Big Mountain / Imagine Dragons / Annie Various Artis Silvester a.k.a. Rita Verreos Artists
Matt from Waterloo Survivor Life, Pull Yourself Circle of Life / Lose Yourself The Lion King / Eminem EminEMILLLLY 21.72% Winner
Honorable Mentions for Episode 13

Sammy & The Shower Man - Christian's Time Is Near (Chipmunks Christmas)
Michael J Clark - Happy Hubickmas (Happy XMas)
Sarah & Lyndall from Australia - Danger Davie Ball (Wonderwall)
Tom F - Shirk That (Party Rock Anthem)
Becky & Taylor - Who Will Win the Wandoff? (Ancient Voices)


RHAPpy Holidays 2017Edit

Artist Song Result
Ben Signer So This Is Chrissy
Alex G Aubry the 2nd
Christmas Shoes
Zach Kennedy Wandapelia
Jenny & Colin Santa Tony 29.2%


Eric Christmas in Hollis
Jason Curtis Rivera Challenge at Night 23.36%


Jason L The Witches Song 16.79%


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