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Shannon Gaitz
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Current Podcasts Survivor: New Zealand
Guest Appearances Australian Survivor
Shannon Gaitz is the current host of Survivor: New Zealand coverage on Reality TV RHAP-Ups.


According to Shannon's bio on Rob Has a Website,[1] "Shannon Gaitz is an Australian journalist and the host of Survivor New Zealand Reality TV RHAP-Ups. She spends most of her time talking about Survivor and updating her cat’s Instagram page."

Rob Has a PodcastEdit

Shannon made her RHAP debut when she appeared as one of the "Game Changer Experts" in the lead-up to Survivor: Game Changers, going in-depth with Rob about the previous games of contestant Debbie Wanner.[2] She also guested on the "This Week in Survivor History" quiz during Episode 10 of Survivor: Ghost Island.[3] Her voice can be heard consistently on The Wand-Off, collaborating frequently on song submissions with "Will from America."

Reality TV RHAP-UpsEdit

Shannon served as the "Know-it-Oz intern" during coverage of Australian Survivor 2017 for Nick Iadanza, coming up with various games and segments for Nick to have on the show. She made an appearance on the Know-it-Oz to recap episodes 19-21 of that season.[4] In 2018, Iadanza elected to no longer cover Survivor: New Zealand, and Shannon elected to do it in his stead. Much like her predecessor, she brought on a different guest every week (usually a member of the international Survivor community) to discuss the most recent episode.

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