Scott Gallagher writes the "Pop Culture Recap" blog, which recaps the episode and commercial breaks with a humorous slant and frequent YouTube links.

Rob Has a Podcast Edit

Big Brother Edit

Scott Gallagher wrote recap blogs throughout Big Brother 15.

Survivor Edit

Gallagher has been blogging since Survivor: Blood vs. Water. He appeared on the roundtable podcasts for Survivor: Blood vs. Water[1] and Survivor: Cagayan[2].

Other Information Edit

Scott holds the record for the most prolific RHAP blogger, with 98 blogs as of the end of Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

References Edit

  1. Roundtable Survivor 27 Predictions with the RHAP Bloggers
  2. The RHAP Blogger Survivor Cagayan Roundtable Show

External Links Edit

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