Sarah Channon (formerly known as Sarah Freeman) is a Survivor blogger focusing on the social dynamics of the game and how that affects the strategy. She is known for being British and for her opinions on gender issues in Survivor; she is not known for her brevity. Previously, she wrote the "Big Picture" column for "Reality News Online", from Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains to Survivor: One World.

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Sarah Channon started blogging during Survivor: Philippines at the invitation of Andy Baker. Starting in Survivor: Caramoan her weekly blog was titled "Individual Games."

She appeared on the blogger roundtable podcasts for Caramoan[1], Blood vs. Water[2], and Cagayan[3], as well as on the voicemail segment of a recap podcast for Blood vs. Water[4]. She was also one of the drafters on the offseason podcast "Drafting for the Winner of a Survivor First Boot Season" in August 2016,[5] as well as the official RHAP draft of the Game Changers contestants.[6]

One of Channon's common themes is the effect gender bias has on the show. Accordingly, she was part of a special all female panel[7] to discuss the controversial events in episode ten of Worlds Apart.

Due to real life distractions, she did not blog weekly for Survivor: San Juan Del Sur. "Individual Games" returned for Survivor: Worlds Apart, but Channon retired the blog at the end of that season. Since then, she has written occasional features as time and interest permits. Starting with the finale of Survivor: Kaoh Rong, she has organized "Jury Jeopardy", an inter-site blogging competition with other Survivor writers.

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  • Taking over from the original Survivor LEGO Lady, Lisa Ferreira, Channon creates LEGO versions of the cast for whichever season she is watching with her kids.
  • Channon appeared on a podcast on Post Show Recaps, discussing the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot with Josh Wigler.[8]
  • Channon has also appeared on the "Dom and Colin" Survivor podcasts.

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