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Welcome to the Wikia for Rob Has a Podcast, a podcast and website dedicated to covering competitive reality television shows, and maybe a few other things. The podcast is run by Rob Cesternino, a two-time contestant from the show Survivor.

This Wikia includes bios for frequent correspondents, pages for shows and seasons covered, and a list of terminology frequently heard on the podcast. So stop sucking kneecaps and start reading/editing!

Where to Get Started Edit

First time on the Wiki? Here are a few places to start.

Reality Podcasts--This is probably why you are here. Check out the comprehensive listing of the reality shows/seasons covered on the podcast.

Terminology--Just started listening to the podcast and lost already? Or have you been listening for a while but always wondered where a specific term started? This is the link for you!

People--Hear someone on the podcast that you just can't get enough of? This page lists all of the RHAP legends and upstarts.

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