RHAPpy Holidays is an annual podcast that comes out in December. It features several segments with guests from the Survivor, Big Brother, and RHAP community.

List of podcastsEdit

RHAPpy Holidays 2012: December 19, 2012Edit

RHAPpy Holidays 2013: December 21, 2013Edit

RHAPpy Holidays 2014: December 28, 2014Edit

RHAPpy Holidays 2015: December 23, 2015Edit

RHAPpy Holidays 2016: December 22, 2016Edit

Segments include:

  • Curt Clark giving a quiz on the New Years Resolutions of Survivor and Big Brother contestants
  • "Numbers LoopHole" talking about hopes for the podcast in 2017
  • Mike Bloom talking about his favorite Survivor-themed holiday recipes and decorations
  • Mike Bloom performing the parody song "RHAPpy Hanukkah" with lyrics by Akiva Wienerkur
  • Catching up with Survivor: Amazon contestant Butch Lockley

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