RHAP B&B is a podcast hosted by Mike Bloom and Liana Boraas. Described as a "Survivor Fun & Games podcast," RHAP B&B features games and segments inspired by the most recent episode of Survivor. The podcast began during Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers in September of 2017.[1]


RHAP B&B features Mike and Liana hosting a guest each week to play games inspired by the most recent episode of Survivor and developed in collaboration with Paul Asleson. Guests are typically fellow RHAP hosts, former RHAP guests, or Survivor podcasters. Each episode features the reveal of Mike and Liana's preseason predictions for the most recent boot and audience responses to a Question of the Week. During Survivor: Ghost Island, each episode also featured a discussion question posed by each host in order to incorporate more episode discussion.

Episodes Edit

Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers (Season 35) Edit

Guest Podcast Date Survivor Episode Games and Segments
Rob Cesternino September 22, 2017 Pre-Season Survivor Superlatives Predictions;
Jordan Parhar September 30, 2017 Episode 1
Ali Lasher October 7, 2017 Episode 2
Megan Z. October 14, 2017 Episode 3
Curt Clark October 21, 2017 Episode 4
Brent Wolgamott October 28, 2017 Episode 5
Haley Strong November 5, 2017 Episode 6
Colin Stone November 12, 2017 Episode 7 Portman-Tribe; First Time In Survivor History; "Hyperbolic Take"-Off; Most Painful Moments Quotes
Pooya Zand Vakili November 19, 2017 Episode 8 S.H.A.M.B.O.; Un-Desi-rable Confessions; Casual Corner
Dom Harvey November 26, 2017 Episode 9 Squatty Probst or Squatty Potty?; Thankful Tweets; Dom & Colin Newlywed Game
Nick Iadanza December 3, 2017 Episode 10 & 11 Two Mooks, One Lie; JP & JP Mad Libs; JP or JLP?; J3
Lita Brillman December 10, 2017 Episode 12 B&B Reading Challenge; Loved Ones Ding-Marry-Kill;
Pooya Zand Vakili December 17, 2017 Episode 13 Season Rankings (29-35); S.H.A.M.B.O.; Survivor Scramble; Bot First
Myles Nye December 24, 2017 Finale Episode Survivor Superlatives Re-visit; Survivor Only Connect

Survivor: Ghost Island (Season 36) Edit

Guest Podcast Date Survivor Episode Games and Segments
Paul Asleson February 26, 2018 Pre-Season Survivor Superlatives Predictions;
Taran Armstrong March 3, 2018 Episode 1 & 2 Premiere Party Quiz; Binary Choice (Yes or No) Quiz
Akiva Wienerkur March 10, 2018 Episode 3 International Women's Day Responses; Survivor "Cold Take"-Off (with special guest Rob Cesternino)
Lita Brillman March 18, 2018 Episode 4 Bradley, Brendan, Middleschooler Tweets Game; B&B Reading Challenge;
Ali Lasher March 24, 2018 Episode 5
Amy H & Haley Strong April 1, 2018 Episode 6 Gut Check; The Rose for Those Bros; Season Rankings Quiz;
Curt Clark April 8, 2018 Episode 7 Tabulating Riskin’ It for the Biscuin’ It; Casting Survivor: Hot Mess/Pre-Merge Villains;
The Real Weird Sisters April 15, 2018 Episode 8 The Newlyhost Game; Merge Tribe Name Meanings: The Sorting Buff
Jessica Liese April 21, 2018 Episode 9 Survivor: Meme Island; Libby’s Social Media; Sexual Innuendo Challenge Mad-Libs; 5-Point Returnee Draft
Brent Wolgamott April 29, 2018 Episode 10 The Price is Roark; Top 3 Episodes for Live KIAs; Misspelled: Survivor Vote or Starbucks Cup?;
Antonio Mazzaro May 6, 2018 Episode 11 Authentic-Fake Immunity Idol, or Fake-Fake Immunity Idol?; Casual Corner: Facebook Emojis;

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