Michel Trudeau is the edit analyst of the RHAP bloggers. He writes "The Characters and Their Stories" blog, based on his own interpretations of the scenes rather than Edgic formula. Traditionally, he makes his pick to win at the merge episode.

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Michel Trudeau started blogging during Survivor: Caramoan at the invitation of Andy Baker. For every season since, he has analyzed the edit on a weekly basis.

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Before joining RHAP, Trudeau posted about the edit of Survivor in a "The Characters and Their Stories" thread on the "Survivor Sucks" forum and on the "Reality TV World" forum.

Trudeau has written more Survivor blogs for RHAP than any other contributor, with 90 as of the end of Survivor: Kaoh Rong. He is second only to Scott Gallagher (with 98) for most prolific blogger overall.

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