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Jon Krause is a frequent RHAP guest and former competitor on "So You Think You Can Podcast."


Rob Has a PodcastEdit

Jon has appeared on the Survivor off-season podcasts "Counting Down the 10 Funniest Survivor Drunk Moments" and "The Top 10 Greatest Moments of Survivors in the Buff". He was also one of the "Game Changer Experts" in the lead-up to Survivor: Game Changers, going in-depth with Rob about the previous game of contestant Tony Vlachos.[1]

Reality TV RHAP-UpsEdit

Big BrotherEdit

Jon was a frequent guest on the daily live feed updates for Big Brother 19, even appearing on one of the Monday Live Feed Roundtables.[2] During the season, Jon also did a podcast with Taran Armstrong about the psychology of dictatorships, in response to the recent dominant game of Paul Abrahamian.[3]

So You Think You Can PodcastEdit

Jon was one of the contenders in "So You Think You Can Podcast," a competition deemed to find the newest live feed correspondent out of a pool of contestants. In a draft among the current live feed correspondents, he found himself on the team of Taran Armstrong, who served as his coach and adviser throughout the competition. Jon was on the following podcasts during his time in the competition:

Other AppearancesEdit

Jon appeared on the Reality TV RHAPpy Hour twice, covering a series of significant statistics in Survivor and Big Brother history, as well as a recap during Big Brother Canada 5.[4][5]

Other InformationEdit

  • Jon appeared on the 9th season of the online reality show "Sequester."


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