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Dan Heaton is the co-host of The Amazing Race Canada recap podcasts and writes occasional feature blogs for Survivor. He previously wrote about Survivor and The Amazing Race at PopOptiq, and besides his work for RHAP, he has his own film blog, Public Transportation Snob.

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Survivor Edit

Dan Heaton joined the blogger team for Survivor: Cagayan, and he appeared on the preseason roundtable podcast[1]. Starting with Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, Heaton has also been responsible for compiling the pre-season blogger roundtables[2]. He wrote his weekly blog, "The Survivor Strategic Game," for five seasons, before retiring the column.

The Amazing Race Edit

Heaton made a guest appearance on recap episodes during The Amazing Race 27[3] and The Amazing Race 28[4].

Reality TV RHAP-UpsEdit

Dan Heaton joined Jessica Liese as co-host of The Amazing Race Canada recap podcasts beginning in season 3 and is currently podcasting with Liese about season 6. He also appeared with Liese and Mike Bloom in a podcast ranking the first twenty seven seasons of the U.S. version[5].

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