Dalton Ross

Dalton Ross is a journalist for Entertainment Weekly and frequent guest on RHAP.


Dalton currently writes for the pop culture magazine Entertainment Weekly. He is most well-known for his coverage of Survivor, The Celebrity Apprentice and The Walking Dead.

RHAP AppearancesEdit

First Appearance: October 29, 2010[1]Edit

Dalton first appeared on RHAP after the seventh episode of Survivor: Nicaragua. He talked about his recently-released podcast The TV Insiders, as well as where Nicaragua falls in his all-time seasons ranking.

Second Appearance: May 19, 2011[2]Edit

Dalton and Rob discussed the recently-wrapped Survivor: Redemption Island and Celebrity Apprentice 4. They answer a number of questions, including:

  • Where does Dalton Ross think that Survivor Redemption Island places on his ranking of 22 Survivor seasons? Did Boston Rob’s win affect Dalton’s ranking?
  • Does Dalton Ross think that Survivor’s move to Wednesday helped the longevity of the show?
  • How does Dalton Ross rank the four seasons of the Celebrity Apprentice?
  • How many more seasons does Dalton Ross think Survivor will go?

Third Appearance: February 9, 2012[3]Edit

Dalton appeared on the podcast to preview the upcoming seasons of both Survivor: One World and Celebrity Apprentice 5.

Fourth Appearance: October 15, 2012[4]Edit

Dalton and Rob previewed the newly-released cast for All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, including their thoughts on who got snubbed. Dalton also briefly talks about his pre-game experience during Survivor: Philippines.

Fifth Appearance: June 11, 2014[5]Edit

Having recently returned from his visit to the set of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, Dalton talked to Rob about his experience, as well as the twists coming to the new season. He also officially ranked Survivor: Cagayan on his all-time seasons ranking.

Sixth Appearance: February 12, 2015[6]Edit

Dalton and Rob talked about the Survivor franchise going into its 30th season and previewed the format of the upcoming Survivor: Worlds Apart. They also talked about the currently-airing season of The Celebrity Apprentice, as well as random tangents about Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead.

Other Appearances and FactsEdit

  • Dalton served as a co-host of Reality Gamemasters, sitting on the sidelines and providing commentary to the action with Rob Cesternino.
  • Dalton is the creator of the video series "Survivor Talk", which features exit interviews and pre-taped bits with former players. The series disappeared for quite some time, but returned for Survivor: Cambodia. Dalton had Rob on an episode of "Survivor Talk" on October 1, 2015.[7]
  • Dalton was one of the cohosts of the aftershow Survivor Live with former player Jenna Morasca from seasons 10 to 14.


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