Christine LaRivière is the editor for all the RHAP blogs.

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Christine LaRivière began proofreading and editing the blogs during Survivor: Cagayan. During Survivor: Worlds Apart she took over posting the blogs from Scott St Pierre.

For April Fools Day 2016, LaRivière wrote a blog under Nick Maiorano's author account, satirising the Survivor: Kaoh Rong cast in his style[1]. Her imitation was so successful that she began writing "Casual Survivor" on a weekly basis. However, due to the workload, she ended the blog after Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X although she continues to contribute to the preseason roundtable.

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  • Prior to blogging, LaRivière was a frequent commenter under the Trixie02 pseudonym. Once she began blogging, she started using her own name in the comments.
  • Together with her son, LaRivière creates the graphics for all the blogs.

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