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Brian Cohen is the co-host of The Challenge and Are You the One? podcasts on RHAP.

Rob Has a PodcastEdit

Cohen appeared on the RHAP main feed with Rob Cesternino and his co-host Ali Lasher to recap The Challenge - Free Agents[1] and The Challenge - Battle of the Exes II[2].

Reality TV RHAP-UpsEdit

Cohen is one of the co-hosts for MTV shows. Along with Ali Lasher, he has covered the Free Agents, Battle of the Exes II, and Battle of the Bloodlines seasons of The Challenge and the second and third seasons of Are You the One? In addition to episodic recaps, Cohen sometimes interviews former contestants.

Other InformationEdit

Best known for being a HUGE Johnny Bananas supporter.

The Island was the first Challenge season he saw back in college.

Loves when host TJ Lavin says his catchphrase, "You killed it." Is known to reference that line in many of the recap podcast.


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  2. Battle of the Exes II: Season Premiere Recap with the Challenge RHAP-up Hosts

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