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Brent Wolgamott is a Big Brother live feed correspondent.


According to Wolgamott's bio on Rob Has a Website:[1] "Brent Wolgamott is a member of the "Live Feed Correspondents," covering 'Big Brother' on RHAP. Brent also spills the tea in his recap coverage of "Rupaul's Drag Race". Brent is also a gameshow lover and slots enthusiast, and hosts his own successful (and aptly named) "Brent's Lucky (and Gay) Slot Channel" on Youtube. He lives in Kentucky with his longtime partner, a Louisville physician, Jay, affectionately known as "Big Daddy"."

Rob Has a PodcastEdit

Big BrotherEdit

Wolgamott was chosen as one of the tryout live feed correspondents during the course of Big Brother Canada 3. He first appeared on March 31, 2015[2] and made several appearances throughout the season. Rob Cesternino then selected him as one of three main correspondents beginning with Big Brother 17, where he usually appeared on the podcast after the Thursday eviction episode to recap the action.

Other ShowsEdit

Wolgamott appeared on the podcast "How to Survive Being a Game Show Contestant," chronicling his time as a contestant on the game show The Price is Right.[3] He also came on to discuss Ru Paul's Drag Race after both the premiere of the 8th season[4] and the mid-season "Snatch Game" episode.[5]

Reality TV RHAP-UpsEdit

Wolgamott is a co-host for coverage of RuPaul's Drag Race with Mike Bloom and Ali Lasher, which began with the second All-Stars season after touching upon coverage in the main RHAP feed. He has appeared as a guest on the Reality TV RHAPpy Hour for a number of Big Brother off-season podcasts, as well as serving as a live feed correspondent during the RHAPpy Hour's coverage of Big Brother Canada 4 onwards.

Other InformationEdit


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