Andy Baker is one of the founding bloggers of RHAP. He wrote the "Bakers Dozen" blog, known for being both passionate about the show and candid in its criticism. Previously, he wrote for "Reality News Online". More recently, he has contributed blogs to "True Dork Times" and assisted with Bob Crowley's "Durham Warriors Survival Challenge".

Rob Has a Podcast Edit

Big Brother Edit

Baker first joined RHAP as a guest blogger for Big Brother 14, where he debuted his "Baker's Dozen" column.

Survivor Edit

Baker brought his weekly "Baker's Dozen" blogs to Survivor: Philippines and Survivor: Caramoan. He appeared on "The Survivor Caramoan Pre-Season Blogger Roundtable".[1]

Other Information Edit

It was Andy Baker who had the idea of forming a team of bloggers to increase the available Survivor content on Rob Has a Website, starting with Survivor: Philippines. With this in mind, he recruited Sarah Freeman and Michel Trudeau to the site.

References Edit

  1. The Survivor Caramoan Pre-Season Blogger Roundtable

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