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Birthday September 26, 1983
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Akiva Wienerkur is the co-host of Seinfeld coverage on Post Show Recaps and a podcaster in the RHAP community.

Akiva (L) with "32 Fans" podcast co-host Alexander Chester (R)


According to Wienerkur's bio on Post Show Recaps[1]: "Akiva Wienerkur is a former high school English teacher and NBC Sports researcher who now works for a tech start-up. He loves the Jets, the Mets, his wife, his son and 2 daughters- not necessarily in that order."

Rob Has a PodcastEdit

Wienerkur appeared on the Survivor voicemail podcasts during Cambodia[2], Kaoh Rong[3], Game Changers[4], and Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers.[5] He also came onto the podcast in the Survivor offseason to draft an entire season with NFL quarterbacks.[6] Wienerkur appeared on a segment in the 2015 version of RHAPpy Holidays, where he gave his list of the top Survivor Jewish contestants.[7] Rob and Akiva also did a podcast in November 2016, in honor of finishing their seventh season of Seinfeld coverage, where they cast a Big Brother season with Seinfeld characters and simulated how it would play out.[8] In June 2016, Wienerkur recorded a draft of the cast of Survivor: Game Changers with Rob, Shirin Oskooi, and Sarah Channon. That podcast was released after the cast announcement on February 10, 2017.[9] That summer, Akiva came onto the podcast to judge the Survivor "Hot Take-Off"[10],which he had also done on his "32 Fans" podcast. Him, Rob, and Liana Boraas took listener submission for their hottest take, and gave them an individual score based on how inflammatory they were.

Post Show RecapsEdit

Wienerkur was the co-host of the Seinfeld podcast on Post Show Recaps, where he and Rob Cesternino cover each episode of the show from the very beginning. The podcast includes personal anecdotes, listener feedback, and segments where the two grade each character's storyline and rank each episode on a full list. Shortly after finishing recapping every episode of Seinfeld, the two moved on to recap the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

In addition to the Seinfeld podcast, Wienerkur has appeared on Post Show Recaps covering the Comedy Central roast of Justin Beiber,[11] The Office on the anniversary of its premiere,[12] and the Netflix series Making a Murderer,[13] as well as a guest spot on Most Shows Recapped to discuss the beginning of The People vs. OJ Simpson.[14]

Reality TV RHAP-UpsEdit

Wienerkur appeared on podcasts covering the various campaigns for Survivor: Cambodia leading up to the vote reveal with Mike Bloom and Jessica Liese,[15][16] a recap of Wrestlemania 2016 with Antonio Mazzaro and Alex Kidwell,[17] and a preview of the 2016 Olympics with Haley Strong.[18]

Other InformationEdit

  • Wienerkur is the co-host of the "32 Fans" podcast, which covers sports, as well as rankings of various forms of pop culture.
  • Wienerkur is the writer of the "RHAPpy Hanukkah" parody song performed by Mike Bloom during RHAPpy Holidays 2016.


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