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Adam Buongiovanni is an RHAP podcaster and former competitor on "So You Think You Can Podcast."


According to Adam's bio on Rob Has a Website:[1] "Adam is a 24 year old graduate of Rutgers University in NJ. He made his mark on the podcasting world when he suffered TREMENDOUS DEFEAT in the “So You Think You Can Podcast” competition. Somehow, someway, he rose from the ashes to cover “Are You The One” for the small group of the RHAP community that will still tolerate him."

Reality TV RHAP-UpsEdit

Are You the One?Edit

Adam covered Are You the One? season 5 with Ali Lasher, replacing Brian Cohen.

So You Think You Can PodcastEdit

Adam was one of the contenders in "So You Think You Can Podcast," a competition deemed to find the newest live feed correspondent out of a pool of contestants. In a draft among the current live feed correspondents, he found himself on the team of Alex Kidwell, who served as his coach and adviser throughout the competition. Adam was on the following podcasts during his time in the competition:

Other AppearancesEdit

Adam was a guest on the Reality TV RHAPpy Hour to do a pre-season draft of the castaways on Survivor: Game Changers with Jordan Parhar, Liana Boraas, and Pooya Zand Vakili.[2]

Other InformationEdit

  • Adam has a noteworthy YouTube channel called "MANNNTV" with his brother Nick and friend Nolan.


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